About Us

Company Background:

Incorporated in 1970, the original name of the company was Shung Ruon Machinery Plant and specialized in the assembly of working machines and Universal Grinders. In 1975, the company was renamed Yuan Jing Ming Machinery Ltd. and started to manufacture Adjustable Reamers, Hand Reamers, Taper Pin Reamers and Center Drills, etc., with products distributed to domestic and overseas markets throughout Taiwan and major countries throughout the world.

In January 2005, we relocated to the current address and renamed the company Cheng Hui Machinery Tools Factory To date, we are the only professional firm in Taiwan engaging in the manufacturing of Adjustable Reamers and other kinds of reamers.

Corporate Philosophy:

By now, we have established superior groups in operation and manufacturing to pursue sustainable operation and growth by sticking to the corporate philosophy of “Customer First. Service First”. In this way, we may provide the best product quality and service to all our customers to jointly create the best working efficiency and accomplish the target.


In the future, active moves will be taken in carrying out OEM cooperation with our manufacturers throughout the world so as to promote technical exchange and to serve our customers much better product quality.